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Who we are

Dino city is a top  animatronic dinosaur manufacturer and exporter in China. Our products include animatronic dinosaurs, ride on dinosaurs, walking dinosaurs, animatronic dinosaur costumes, animatronic animals(both extincted and existed animals), fiberglass dinosaur fossils replica and animal skeleton model, customized anmusement animatronics, customized decoration and customized statues.

DINO CITY  has cooperated with more than 100 customers from over twenty countries till now, such as the United States, the UK, Russia, France, Japan, Saudi arabia, Dubai and Australia etc. Our products got highly approved by our customers.

What we do

DINO CITY engaged in satisfying the special need of our clients. We are able to bring you back to the dinosaur age because we can produce animatronic dinosaurs as same as the real ones and we have rich experience in designing jurassic park or dinosaur theme park, we can also produce dinosaur fossils replica which are able to be exactly same as the real ones to replace the real dinosaur fossils for dinosaur exhibitions.

Whats more, all of our products are able to be customized, your any specified need will be satisfied.

Why we are different?

We aim to help our customers build high level jurassic parks or theme parks to bring the visitors the best experience by reviving the dinosaurs and extincted prehistorical gaint animals. Our animatronic dinosaurs and animatronic animals are strictly designed and produced based on the discovered dinosaur fossils or prehistorical animal fossils and in the guidance of several famous paleontologists. What’s more, we  adopted Computer Assistant System to help design of the customized products, our products can completely according to your special need too.