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Animatronic Dinosaurs

● What is animatronic dinosaur?

Animatronic dinosaur is a kind of large realistic dinosaur model which is produced based on the discovery and researches of real dinosaur skeleton and fossils. It can simulate movements and voice as same as the real dinosaur. There are many theme parks and dinosaur park use the animatronic dinosaurs to attract visitors and tourist.

● How about DINO CITY’s Animatronic dinosaurs?

Idino hires professional paleontologist as our product design consultant and reasoned technician and electrician to instruct the production flow, that is why our artificial dinosaur products are too realistic to bring the extinct creature alive.

● We do not only produce many specified animatronic dinosaurs, but also your any special need will be satisfied.

Bellow are some popular animatronic dinosaurs.

animatronic T-REX

Animatronic T-rex  DETAILS

animatronic stegosaurus

Animatronic Stegosaurus  DETAILS

animatronic Spinosaurus

Animatronic Spinosaurus DETAILS

Animatronic Brachiosaurus

Animatronic Brachiosaurus DETAILS

animatronic ornithomimus

Animatronic Ornithomimus DETAILS

animatronic baryonyx

Animatronic Baryonyx DETAILS

animatronic pterosaur

Animatronic Pterosaur DETAILS

animatronic Platosaurus

Animatronic Platosaurus DETAILS

Till now, hundreds of customers thought highly of us since we supplied them the customized animatronic dinosaurs completely according to their special need, your special need will be satisfied too.

DINO CITY will supply you the best qualified animatronic dinosaurs and after-sale service, contact us for more info!

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