How ferocious is the Raptor?

//How ferocious is the Raptor?

How ferocious is the Raptor?

Whether in the Jurassic World or Jurassic Park, the Raptors are one of the most deserved protagonists. In these movies, the most terrifying thing is the thin and long claws of the Raptor, but In fact, the most horrible thing of the real Raptor is not its claws, but the sickle-like toes on its feet. It can use this toe to easily tear the body of the prey and kill it, just like its close relatives——Deinonychus.

The followed picture shows the structure of the Raptor’s feet, you can see one of the toes of the Raptor’s feet is much bigger than the other ones, and it is so flexible, it can make a 180 rotation, plug it into the body of the prey and firmly hook it till the prey died.

animatronic dinosaur


The feet of the Raptor is very like the Deinonychus, so the Raptor also use its feet to attack its enemies or prey. In addition, the legs of the Raptor is so long and strong, it runs very fast and can easily jump on to the back of the prey, and kill its prey by its terrible toes and mouth.

The followed animatronic dinosaur group shows the scene when the Raptors are hunting.

animatronic dinosaur

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