How to make money by running a dinosaur park today

//How to make money by running a dinosaur park today

How to make money by running a dinosaur park today

How to make money by running a dinosaur park today

We have cooperated with many customers in dinosaur parks, dinosaur exhibitions. In the early years, the feedback from our customers are all very positive, they told us their project have got large success, and they all made much money from their project.

In recent years, we have sold animatronic dinosaurs more similar to real dinosaurs in appearance. but many customers complained about the tourists traffic of their dinosaur park or theme park has been seriously declining, especially the US clients. We feel puzzled. What happened to stop the increasing of their tourists?

The traffic statistics from 2010 to 2017(Based on customer feedback)

dinosaur park traffic statistics

We started market research, we found there are more than 15000 dinosaur parks or theme parks around the world, and the dinosaur parks don’t work well have the same feature, which is that the animatronic dinosaurs in these park lack interaction with tourists. Few tourists will repeatedly visit these dinosaur parks,  they found it just like visit a boring dinosaur model exhibition.

There are also successful cases, a dinosaur park in Dubai built in 2012 kept its average tourists traffic between  71000 to 80000 per year till now.

why this park can keep its tourists traffic?

The most important reason is its advanced design, the designer departed the park into 4 areas: Amusement plaza, Science exhibition area, Dinosaur theme restaurant, shopping area, and the animatronic dinosaurs are all interactive with the tourists, they can not only roar but also speak with the tourists.

Tourists will have different travel experience when traveling there each time, so, the tourists traffic of that park kept at a high level.

The layout of that park

So, if you want to make money from running a dinosaur park today, following the 3 important tips below:

1st. Tourists don’t always go to the same place repeatedly, even if it is beautiful or very interesting at the beginning, Therefore, your park needs to be updated from time to time.
For example, you can keep updating the amusement equipment in your park, or if you have a theme park, you can add different animatronic dinosaurs or animatronic animals. So that tourists will always feel freshness every time they travel, and your tourists traffic can keep in high level.

2nd. If the theme park is too small and there aren’t enough entertainment projects, tourists will definitely feel it’s not worth visiting.

3rd. Make your theme park more interesting, add more interactive projects in your park, such as Ride on dinosaurs, Kids ride and some other amusement equipment.

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