How to produce an animatronic dinosaur all by hand?

//How to produce an animatronic dinosaur all by hand?

How to produce an animatronic dinosaur all by hand?

We can produce super large animatronic dinosaurs of more than 20 meters, and can also produce small animatronic dinosaurs of two or three meters long, but all these animatronic dinosaurs are almost completely done by hand. How do we do it, today I will Reveal this secret.

The composition of animatronic dinosaur is almost the same as that of a real dinosaur. It consists of skeleton, muscle, and skin. The difference is that the real dinosaur is controlled by the brain to make various movements, while the animatronic dinosaur is controlled by the control chip. The motor on the “skeleton” of the animatronic dinosaur drives the transmission to make the animatronic dinosaurs make various actions like real dinosaurs.

Because different dinosaurs have completely different shapes, the “skeleton” that produces simulated dinosaurs can only be hand-built by very experienced workers using steel.

When making the “skeleton” of the animatronic dinosaur, the worker must first draw the shape of each steel bar that constitutes the “skeleton” of the animatronic dinosaur on the ground according to the drawings and with their experience, and then use the tool to draw the steel bar into the shape of the ground one by one. After bending, all the steel bars are bent and formed and will go to the next step: Welding.

Due to the different shapes of different types of animatronic dinosaurs, the animatronic dinosaurs required by customers are not the same. Even the same kind of animatronic dinosaurs have different lengths, so the work of welding animatronic dinosaur skeleton is almost relied on the labor’s experience. The work, experienced workers will weld the prepared steel bars according to past experience, and install the reducer and motor to the corresponding position to control the skeleton of the animatronic dinosaur to make movements.

After the internal steel frame of the simulated dinosaur was completed, it entered the most crucial step in making the animatronic dinosaur: To shape the animatronic dinosaur by carving high-density sponge.
This step directly determines how the animatronic dinosaur look like. Unlike stone or other hard materials, which can be engraved by CNC machine tools, high-density sponge is a soft material that cannot be processed by machines, so the work of engraving and simulating dinosaurs It is often done by hand with workers with at least 5 years experience, so we can say that every simulated dinosaur is also a work of art.

After the sculpture of the simulated dinosaur is completed, we can basically see the prototype of the animatronic dinosaur, but at this time the animatronic dinosaur has no “skin”, we need to make a “skin” for the animatronic dinosaur to make it looks more realistic and feels more textured.

Compared with the shape of the animatronic dinosaur, it is simpler to make the skin of the animatronic dinosaur. The workers only need to use the electric iron to burn a similar pattern on the prototype of the animatronic dinosaur made of high-density sponge according to the picture, and then evenly brush a layer of silicone rubber spread on the sponge , then attach the elastic fiber fabric to the silicone rubber, and then brush a layer of silicone rubber on the elastic fabric surface again. After repeating the process this several times, it is only necessary to wait for the silicone rubber to completely dry, and then paint the animatronic dinosaur according to the picture. Till now, an animatronic dinosaur has nearly been completely produced out.

The last step, the teeth, tongue, and eyes of the animatronic dinosaur will be installed after the paint is dried, you’ll see an animatronic dinosaur almost the same as a real dinosaur now.

Now, you may understand how an animatronic dinosaur be produced all by hand.

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